Tuesday, November 17, 2015


howdy all! just thought i'd park all this information in one handy spot. my latest sketchbooks are in and ready to order/ship! all of these books are 80pp, b/w softcover, $15.

All domestic (US) orders: include $2.80 shipping for the first book, $.80 per additional book.
plus $.75 per book for  paypal purchases.
International orders: write me for shipping etc charges,


SB11 the bigger book of the dare detectives 

SB12 heroes and fantasy 

SB14/15 dare detectives/wonder woman

SB16 animation toy and game design 

SB18 daily doodles 1 

SB19 daily doodles 2 

SB20 daily doodles 3 

SB21 daily doodles 4

SB22 comic cover and page art

SB23 daily doodles 5

there is also my first full-color sketchbook, the dare detectives' "misfits' manual"! hardcover, with 60pp of full-color art and notes on the world's most defective detectives, and the people who try to kill them!

misfits' manual, $25 + shipping

1 comment:

Nick P said...

I've been following you for a bit and I felt like going through all your posts again, less reading, more looking at the purty pictures and I just love your stuff.

I have the giant Wednesday Comics hardcover from DC, that's where I first spotted you. At first I picked it up for Stelfreeze, Risso, and Sook's ode to Frazetta/Hal Foster. But your insanely dense WW comic spurred the imagination. I have Dare Detectives and I'm picking up Prez currently. Your work on Prez is solid but I prefer your own stuff, like the WW manga pitch from years ago. I would have bought that ASAP, perhaps similar to a "hot cake."

I see the world of animation in your style, Hanna Barbera, Disney, manga, and probably some French dudes like Pierre Alary and Denis Bodart (who I love).

It's nice to see comics done in different styles not just one approach. When I was young I collected comics to see how Arthur Adams would do things differently than George Perez than Mike Mignola. I like the reinterpretations. I like the reinventions. The big 2 seem less into that.

This is just my taste, but I'm drawn to tight semi-cartoony like you, Jason Pearson, Arthur Adams, Chris Bachalo, Ed McGuinness, most manga, etc.

And I also really love the Toth end of things like Eduardo Risso, Tommy Lee Edwards, John Paul Leon, and even the lighter touch of Chris Samnee.

I am much less interested in the moderate middle artists. And frankly a Tothite who gets too realistic bores me too, although technically may be awesome.

Anyway I also wanted to say kudos on the inking style experimentations back around the Storm post a little ways back. Folks seemed to respond less, but I appreciated the look and the experimentation. It made me think about my struggles with art-self-esteem and avoidance of difficulty. I've changed and am now running towards my art-fears and so seeing you experiment is affirming to me even though your base skill is a mountain above mine. It helps in my weird little head (although I think my melon may actually be physically larger than average).

That's about it. That may be more than my 2 cents, maybe 4 1/2.